What should Your CV look Like?

What should your CV look like?

Writing a CV can be a stressful, especially if you’re starting from scratch. Although there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for the perfect CV, it should always be clearly formatted and short enough for a future employer or recruiter to scan quickly and most importantly tailored to the role you’re applying for.

How to prepare for an interview

What Makes an Interview Successful?

Interviews can be intimidating, and it isn’t always clear what employers are looking for. But while this awkward professional situation is sometimes daunting, like anything else, it is a skill that can be practised and perfected. The more carefully you prepare, the better you will do.

How to write the perfect cover letter

How to write the perfect cover letter

It’s all very well having a great CV, but it won’t count for much if your cover letter isn’t equally as good. A great covering letter should demonstrate your understanding of the role and tell your future employer/recruiter how your skills and abilities match the job perfectly.