Why use a recruitment agency to fill your job vacancy?

There are many different recruitment agencies or talent acquisition agencies – all offering a variety of services, methods, and fee structures. If you have a job vacancy in your team, you may consider working with an agency to help or you might wonder where you would begin to find the right agency.

Why do I need a recruitment agency?

Recruitment is a time-consuming process and if undertaken by core staff it keeps them from performing their actual job. If the wrong candidate is taken on it can cost the business in multiple ways:

  • Time – already spent on the failed recruitment drive and having to repeat the process
  • Resource – from the people or team who spent time with the failed candidate
  • Success – the people or team may not have performed to expectations while under-resourced

 An ethical recruitment agency has the skills, experience, systems, and knowledge to:

  • effectively find a skilled candidate matching your requirements
  • find them efficiently, saving you time pouring over CVs
  • understand your company’s culture to find a candidate who will ‘fit’ the culture
  • free up your core staff to focus on their core role
  • find you a highly skilled candidate who may not have been actively looking for a new role

Minimise the risk

An important advantage of using a recruitment agency is that reputable agencies offer you security when it comes to retaining the new candidate by offering you a guarantee period. Elevate Recruitment reassures our clients by offering a replacement guarantee period* means if the candidate doesn’t work out or leaves within a set period of time, we’ll offer you a free replacement.

What makes a great recruitment agency?

Clear process – Not all agencies work the same way so it’s important your recruiter takes the time to understand you and your company. They should explain the process step by step so both parties are clear on how it will work and what is expected from each party.

Personable – You should look at your agency as an extension of your team, so your recruiter should be personable, approachable and genuinely interested in your company.

Longevity – Find out how long the agency has been in business and how much experience the recruiter has. Experienced recruiters have had the time to build up long term relationships with clients and candidates – which helps the process flow more smoothly.

Responsive – Ideally you’ll have a dedicated point of contact at the agency and they’ll make time for you, returning calls promptly or replying to emails quickly.

In summary, a great recruitment agency will help you recruit and retain the right candidates faster and, in a cost, effective way and stress-free way.

*Ts and Cs apply please ask us for more details.